UCF accelerated vs. SSC concurrent


I'm interested in 2 nursing programs in Orlando: UCF's 2nd degree accelerated nursing program (4 semesters, then graduate with BSN) and SSC's concurrent program (4 semesters, graduate with ASN and get license, then 2 semesters online to get BSN).

I'm competitive for both, I have all A's on my prereq's, 95.3 on the teas, a 3.6 overall GPA, and am graduating with my first degree in time to be qualified for the 2018 2nd degree program.

I'm interested in hearing from people who did one of these programs because I want to know which one is going to make me be a better nurse. UCF's program is shorter which is nice, but because it is accelerated I'm a little worried about burnout and not learning enough. I feel like a more competitive program doesn't always mean better quality.

I'm also really interested in what your weekly schedule looks like in those programs.