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UB ABS Summer 2018 Start Hopefuls?


Anyone else looking to apply to the University of Buffalo Accelerated Nursing program this summer? I am getting ready for them to release the application and busy getting my prerequisites in line. I still have four more to take but am planning on finishing them at ECC and then the online pharmacology class at Cayuga.

Anyone else??

Hi! I started a thread on this a few months ago, I've sent in my application and am also finishing prerequisites at ECC. How is it going for you? I'm nervous and hate this long wait until December!

Thanks for the reply - I just found your other thread, not sure why I hadn't found it sooner... Looks like we are on a similar path - I am in Micro and Patho now too. Chem & pharm next semester.

Also, based on your user name it looks like you are interested in midwifery Definitely my field of interest too!

Yours never popped up for me either, so weird! I'm in the same classes now and taking the same ones next semester. How exciting to find someone else interested in midwifery!

Did you apply to any other program? I applied to NU as well.

Hey! I am waiting to hear back, too. It's so stressful!

Hi Laurah224! Do you have any classes left to take? I started a form called SUNY UB ABS 2018 if you want to check that out too!

I'll check out your other forum -thanks! I have 3 classes in progress and then pathophysiology and pharmacology left

I'm in pathophysiology now online. I'd recommend taking it in class if possible. I'm taking pharmacology in the spring! Are you local?

Ut oh - is patho hard online? I'm not local :( and I can't find any colleges near me that offer it, so I was advised to take it online at ECC. I left pharmacology and pathophysiology to do last because UB is the only school I'm applying to that requires them, and I can't find them offered near me!

Patho online at ECC is difficult because the only grades you have are four exams. It's a lot of reading and teaching yourself, doable but not easy by any means. Same here, only UB requires pharm so I saved it for last.

Well that sounds like a lot of fun :) thanks for the warning!


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