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Looking for career advice. I am still a new grad, during nursing school I wasn't sure what path to take career wise, the only clinical I really liked was NICU. After graduation I applied to the hospitals in the NYC with no luck, so I went to Nursing Home and lasted there for 2 months only. I hated being rushed, running from one patient to another. I liked the nursing part and if I had 10-15 patients instead of 30-50 I would enjoy it. After that I took couple of weeks off and went with Home care private duty position, very low pay for RN, but one patient. I have an obligation of 6 months or 500$ fine to break a contract. Almost at the same time my friend referred me to other home care agency, the one that provide Home Aide services and RNs just do an assessment on the member every 6 months. They also are willing to train me on UAS assessments. They pay better and I think I like it more, but I will not have any clinical skills. Ever since school everyone say you need to get some clinical skills. After Nursing Home I am very discouraged to apply to the hospitals, because I know the ratios are bad there as well, and I don't like the stress of running around or not being able to provide best care.

Should I quit the private duty position? I'm there just for at least some kind of clinical skills (i got a case with preschooler who is on vent and G-tube). I do not see myself doing this kind of nursing long term. What are those skills even worth? It is just one patient after all. 

What are the options with UAS and similar RN positions? What is that experience good for? Working with big insurance companies? This is state specific assessment, does it translate to anything in other states? This is good positing and I was lucky to get it, money are also great plus flexible schedule. I'm just not sure if this will limit my future options severely.

I'm also in school for BSN and probably will go for NP after that. 

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