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UAH Fall 2015


Hello I was wondering if anyone could shed some light for me on the BSN program at UAH. I will be transferring this Spring to finish my prereq's and applying for fall admission into the BSN program. What all test etc need to be taken prior to so I can study for that as well. Any information is good information. Also can someone explain to me what finite Mathmatics is like. Thanks in advance for the help it is greatly appreciated.

I am also applying UAH Fall 2015. The finite math is basic calculation it's easy. All the applications stuff in the UAH website and you also need to take HESI A2 EXAM. The fall application deadline is March 1. Good Luck~

I am transferring to UAH to work on a second bachelor's degree in nursing. I already have a bachelor's in accounting and decided that nursing is a better fit for me after staying home with my children for 14 years. I plan to transfer either this fall or in the spring. I plan to meet with the UAH nursing advisor next week hopefully. The website does a great job of explaining the process and the required classes. UAH has a lower division (where you work on prereqs and core requirements) and an upper division that is only nursing classes. I lack about 4 classes after this semester so I am hoping to apply for the upper division to start Fall 2015 as well. I was considering Calhoun and am currently taking 2 classes there but I think UAH is a better option for me since I already have a Bachelor's degree and most of the core requirements.