U of Washington phased out their master-level NP program....


Am I interpreting their website correctly? This is soooo depressing.... makes me think I should go to NP school directly after graduating with my RN just so as not to risk all the other schools I like phasing out the master's degree before I get there. :(


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Yes, UW is phasing out their masters program for NP. There are still students working on completing their masters but all new NP students will be in a DNP program. I am actually hoping to get into the UW DNP program when I am done with my RN...I just started though, so it will be a while :) WSU is also now a DNP program for NP. Seattle U and PLU still offer masters NP programs. I think Gonzaga offers a masters as well.


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Indeed some schools are getting rid of the MSN in favor of DNP. This is why I am trying really, really hard to get into an MSN program this year. I do not see the DNP as worth the extra time and money.

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University of Washington still has several ARNP certificate programs. Candidates must already have a Masters of Nursing and then can apply to the certificate program. A second degree is not awarded, but the program is much shorter and less expensive than the DNP programs. Completion of the program allows one to sit for the appropriate ARNP exam. See the UW website for details.