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U.S. nurse to U.K. about to take CBT and OSCE through Continental Nursing agency

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Hello, I am taking the CBT tomorrow and wondering how it is compared to the NCLEX. The study tools provided are unhelpful and hard to follow. There is no place to get good practice questions.

I am also nervous about the OSCE. I can't find anything that tells me what to expect during the test or what materials or devices I would be using. I have heard only terrible things about it and that they fail you for petty reasons that have nothing to do with how you perform as a nurse.

I am with continental nursing agency and they say they have a man who specializes in helping people through the OSCE process. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this and how it worked out for you? I have the Royal Marsden book as well. I am really nervous about my test tomorrow. And after reading all the terrible things, I am also questioning if it is worth paying all of this money to work for a country and system that seems to not value their nurses or their need for nurses. The OSCE alone is over $1000 USD. Its mind blowing. I have already spent $300 on the IELTS to prove I speak english (despite that I am American), not including the travel and accommodation cost to get to that test which was 5 hours away. Almost $200 for the CBT.

I really need some advice and guidance. Thanks

How did your CBT go? I am looking to start the process soon as well


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Does this work for American nurses to go abroad as well?

I fortunately passed! It took one day to get my results via email.