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TX New grad ICU Internships

Has 1 years experience. Specializes in MICU, CVICU.

I'm currently a nursing student and will be graduating with my BSN in December of this year. As such I'm starting the big job hunt. My ultimate goal is to work a few years then go back to a CRNA program. I'd really prefer to go straight into ICU as Med-Surg just is not the area for me (God Bless those who like it but I'm just not one of them). So, I am really looking for a hospital with a strong new grad internship and was wondering if anyone had experience or knew about any of the following programs....

In Dallas- Parkland

Baylor Medical Center

In Houston- Ben Taub

Hermann Memorial

St. Luke's


BTW I just completed a summer course in ICU so I have some yet minimal experience in the area.

Send me a personal message, I am a UT grad and work at one of the hospitals you listed. I will do my best to help you get a job here...I know we are hiring right now, and new grads are great

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