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TWU Weekend program - How competitive?

Roflme0w Roflme0w (New) New Student Pre-Student


I'm looking to apply for the TWU Nursing BSN weekend program for Fall of 2021. This coming fall I'm taking A&P2 and Micro. I'm really worried as I have taken these classes before and have failed/dropped several times. Long story, short. I just wasn't working hard enough. I'm determined to get As!

My GPA as a whole is 2.87 but it states on the TWU website on my degree progress that the "Nursing requirements" which requires a 3.0 GPA says I have a 3.35. Do they look at this GPA or the overall GPA for the program?

I had already planned on taking the TEAS this July but I guess my score my unfortunately not qualify for next year? I'm nervous about that.

I'm just afraid I'm not going to get in because my GPA won't be high enough, plus my TEAS scores. Can anyone tell me if they were accepted in the nursing program and what their GPA/ TEAS scores were?


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