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TWU Anyone?


Specializes in ICU. Has 8 years experience.

I’m curious if anyone is in the online FNP program at TWU (Denton), and preferably further along than the Summer 2020 cohort? I just started the program 2 weeks ago, and so far I’m really not pleased with what I see in the program, and I would like to get input from someone further along in the program.

1) In the orientation course they told you not to submit your discussions via attachment, but the Canvas system is literally so problematic with APA formatting that we are now being told to do that, after being marked off how many points for 2 weeks for errors in APA formatting?

2) It’s difficult to gauge what the teachers want... we are days away from week 3 and I only have one actual discussion graded out of 3 for the first week. Is such tardiness in grading standard?

3) I’m not new to online classes, so I’m a little dismayed at the format (too click happy with very minimal content), and literally no added value from teachers as it’s just PowerPoint slides from the publisher. Is that the norm?

4) Actual content seems to be lacking where it matters. The Advanced Pathophysiology course might as well be called Advanced Physiology (the textbook literally is physiology not pathophysiology), so the only exposure to the bigger picture of the disease process is the weekly discussion post of one disease process... which just doesn’t seem sufficient to me.

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