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Since everyone else seems to be announcing. I have been accepted to TWU. Has anyone else gotten the word yet?


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I hope to be where you are in a year. If you don't mind . . . can you tell me about your experience at TWU, interview, etc. Also, if you don't mind, how long have you worked ICU?? Thanks a bunch - pm me if you want. Again - good work - I know how hard it is to get where you are!


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I didn't know TWU was accepting yet. When did you interview? Would you mind sharing your "stats" with us (GRE, GPA, nursing experience, CCRN, etc.)? Thanks.


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:balloons: Congrats!:balloons:


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Since everyone else seems to be announcing. I have been accepted to TWU. Has anyone else gotten the word yet?

Congrats on your acceptance. Where will your clinicals be?

I have been asked to interview, but do not know the date yet. I will be interviewing for the Jonesboro, AR, clinical site.


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Hey everyone,

I will answer the questions in one post.

I am 31 years old and a Capt. in the USAF. I am currently working in a 17 bed combined unit. MICU, SICU, and CTVCU. I am one of 4 teamleaders in my unit. I have been in this unit for 2.5 years. I am also the Cardiothoracic coordinator for my unit. I also have 3 years of ER experience and 1 year of PRN PACU experience. While in nursing school I worked as an Anesthesia Tech for 7 years.

I am married with 2 kids. My grades during school were not that good, neither was my GRE. I had a cumulative GPA of a 2.83, Science GPA of 3.0, and a last 60 of 3.0. I took the GRE last year and scored a combined 990 with a 3.5 on the written. I have recently retaken my A&P I and II, and currently enrolled in Biochemistry. They liked the fact that I was doing what it took to get into school. Another thing that they seemed impressed with was the fact that I have applied to about 10-12 programs. I am not CCRN certified, but certified and an instructor for TNCC and ENPC.

I interviewed on Tuesday of this week and was accepted before I left the building. The interview it self was quite relaxed, but they did get pretty involved with the questions. I personally did not think I did that well with the interview, but afterwards I was told that I did really good. Everyone was really nice. I was told at the beginning of my interview that people accepted will be notified in April and given a clinical assignment at that time. Although, they did say that some people will be offered an early admission. That is how I got accepted so early.

I feel extremely lucky to be accepted to anywhere with the history of my grades. I guess that goes to show, that if you want something bad enough and do what it takes to get it, then you will get it. Good luck to everyone. Hope to see you in a few months.

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