Two weeks out - should the recruiters be looking?


I will be done with my first travel assignment in two weeks, August 29th. I want to start within one to two weeks of this ending. I have established with 4 companies... all the recruiters contacted me at the beginning of the month to say hey, let's work on your next assignment. But now, the ones I talk to are telling me that it's slow... the company I am currently working under asked me to extend because she can't find me a job where I want (Florida). I know it's not the busy season in Florida but they found me a job there for the first assignment. I have started applying myself for seasonal positions and have some interviews, but if those don't work out, I feel like no one else is really even trying.


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I'm on my 2nd travel assignment, I'm finding that travel nursing is a learn as you go business. I was feeling the same way, that noone was looking but I found that part of the problem is that facilities aren't putting their orders in for travelers very far in advance, the start dates may only be 2 weeks in advance maximum. My 1st contract ended on the 7th and I didn't start my current one until the 25th which did not make me happy- I learned that you must save money in preparation for this! You may have to be flexible and look outside of Florida, I was hell bent on an assignment in Washinton state but it wasn't happening and had to apply in many states- I'm in Texas right now, not my cup of tea, but thank goodness it's only 13 weeks. My recruiter was beating down the doors for me, you must have a good recruiter. Good luck!


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2-weeks out?/ Heck yeah recruiters & YOU need to be looking.. If it were me I would just do the extension and wait until next time. I am not a gambler like that, I would just ask for a small bump up in pay or more travel $$ and stay put for next time.

There is a common misconception out there that "my recruiter works for me" and "its their job to get me a job." Well they actually work for the hospital (and of course themselves) but the hospital is the client.


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Thankfully I got a job offer for a seasonal position that I applied for myself today. I started applying for the seasonal postings a week or two ago, called HR and emailing recruiters myself. I am very thankful that one of these worked out... although today I did start bugging some of the agencies before I got the offer and they submitted me to a few places. I really didn't want to extend at my current job, so I am lucky this worked out. I have always looked out for myself, and I would recommend anyone traveling south to look at seasonal programs at hospitals - I think I will end up bringing home more and staying a nicer apartment!


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In this business you have to look out fo yourself.