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Hello! My wife and I are looking to open an assisted living facility, we are trying to find out what is needed to set up this businness. Has someone or know of some RN's who have started an assisted living facility know what is needed to get this project off the ground. Clueless as to what legal aspects are needed. we have a plan/proposal for the structure on paper. we have found nothing on the web to direct us in starting this up. we would appreciate any web links or advice from gone this route with the pros and cons before we put ourselves in a position of bankrupcy. :rolleyes: Thank You!


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I looked into this several years ago and what I found out is you had better have deep pockets. I tried to get funding for an assisted living an actual house that people live in and you hire staff to take care of them. Could not even find a bank to back it, there are just to many expenses and the liability on my license would have been enormous...ADA compliance, fire sprinkler systems, JCAHO, staffing issues, etc... you get the idea.

If your heart is set on it there are resources out there, each state has their own AL association, start there. Good Luck!


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Thank You! NurseBenz for your input, I will look into the local AL association for info and tips. Are you still working to achieve this, or are your all spent up. If i find out anything different than what you told me i will let you know. Thanks again.

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