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Just to be sure that I'm reading this correctly...

1. EC's Micro is listed as 8-week online course. Does that mean it is not self-paced, or can you complete it faster?

2. A&P I&II and Micro both have to be complete before starting any of the nursing exams?

Thanks for any help you can offer! :D

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1. You can take the Excelsior Exam and not the online course for Microbiology if you want. It is listed as BIO220X, offers 3 lower-level units, and would be self paced with the big ol' "comprehensive final exam" like the other Excelsior exams offered for the nursing courses. Also is A LOT less expensive to go the exam route as well. Go to the home page at, and select the upper tab named "Credit by Exam". The exam is listed under the "ECEs Non-Nursing" tab... look under the "Biology" discipline for the Microbiology exam.

2. You would need to have the A&P and Microbiology courses completed prior to taking any nursing course (except Transitions) if you enroll into the Excelsior program on October 1, 2012 or later. That information is here: Associate Degree in Nursing Admission and Curriculum requirements -

Hope it helps!

Thank you so much! I thought I had seen that info before but couldn't seem to find it this time.

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