Tulsa Tech's LPN Program


Hi, I was wondering if anyone could provide more information about entering the LPN program at Tulsa Tech? I went to go look more into the LPN program myself but was directed to more handouts and such. I understand I need to take the Hesi A2 to be able to be considered for the program itself, what hints and study strategies would you suggest? I've read many reviews on the HESI A2 study assessment guide and there are mixed reviews about, mostly people just say its a waste of time and money. What study guides and other things did you use to prepare for yourself for the HESI A2? Also, what should I focus on? I have taken A&P 1 and 2, Chem, Micro, and some more nursing pre-req's but it's so long and I would like to refresh my memory. Any recommendations, advice, and opinions are more than gratefully :)