Trying to transfer to ICU - What to expect?

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I am a relative new grad - 6 months of experience on a tele unit. Ratio is 1:6 with about 2-3 discharges and 2-3 admits per day. So most days I have between 6-8 total patients, many are total care. Tons of patient turnover. Always have a tech though with a ratio of 1:12. 

Background: BS in Public Health, AAS in Nursing, currently working on BSN to be completed in January 2022. During nursing school I worked as a nurse tech in float pool - I worked on tele, PCU, med surg, ICU, ED, ortho, neuro, COVID, obs - for 18 months. I maintained a 4.0 throughout all of nursing school. When I applied to my new grad program I asked for ED, ICU, or ICU step down. I was not offered any of them - but was offered a telemetry position. I took the tele position, but have struggled. All the new grads have struggled and some have already left. We were told they would keep us at 5 patients for a year, but that went out the window after about 3-4 months. I love cardiac patients, love cardiac drugs, managing drips, etc. but many of my patients are simply medsurg patients with a history of afib, or MI etc. Most days I am able to manage my patient care, get my charting done, don't have to stay too late after 19:30, and many days I enjoy my work but I do not love it. Some shifts I stress cry because there isn't enough time to do all the things I need to do for 6 patients - I realize that is pretty par for the course for floor nursing and most of the time I am able to prioritize my time.

An ICU nurse that I have worked with has recommended me to the ICU director and told me that I would be great in the ICU and to try to transfer as soon as possible. I reached out to the director and he asked to set up a quick interview. There are many reasons why I am interested in ICU - I want to learn critical care, the 1:2 patient ratio is attractive, I want to actually have the time to detect status changes in my patients. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to prepare for an ICU interview?



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Go in there and feel the director and manager out. Be honest about what you want. You're starting new and no one expects much. It's just important all parties feel it's a good match.

Neuro ICU is special. You have the potential to think, "Humanity doesn't deserve to survive," and, "Existence and the human mind is a miracle," in the same five minute span. 

It's a chance to see brain machinations and failures, and where the hardware and software of the brain and spinal cord begin and end. I think it's cool.