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Trying to prepare myself to get a job at ICU right after graduating...

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I'm a BSN student, Freshie!

I really want to get a job at ICU, and it seems like it's really tough to get a position as

a new grad..

Is there any good way to prepare myself and increase my chance to get a job there?

I have been working at a dental office as a dental assistant for a year..and that's all.

I couldn't really find an internship or externship.. so I'm gonna be volunteering at a hospital (inpatient care) in about a few weeks! (yay!)

From my research having EMT experience or CNA/PCT experience would be great..is that correct? I am thinking about getting trained as CNA and work as a part time or per diem CNA (hopefully it works out that way) Would this help me? Or should I do something else?

Are there any other ways to get myself prepared to be a competitive nurse?

(Well, of course I will need to keep up my GPA really high! I'm working on it! hehe)


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Working as a tech/cna in an ICU is the best way to get your foot in the door. Sometimes if you build a good report they will even hire you right out of school or at least give a good reference. If you can get your EMT basic license, that sometime helps getting a job as an ICU tech as well. Good luck!


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Agreed. Try to get at least a part time CNA position in an ICU. You get big bonus points for that. I've seen several CNAs get positions right out of nursing school into a very busy CVICU.

Otherwise it's just dumb luck and if you go straight from school into an ICU with no experience, it's a REAL eye opener. :wideyed:

:roflmao: (been there done THAT!)