Trying to get a NICU unit coord position

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I've got an app in and am waiting to see if they will call me for an interview next week. The HR guy said I made it past the first round of cuts, so hopefully I'll make it through the next round.

I could any good luck vibes to go my way, the hours are perfect (1 12hr shift a week, 1 12 hr shift every other weekend) and it would get me into the NICU so I could start observing and learning. I made sure to put in my app that I was accepted for OSU's NNP program in the fall, in case that will help (if only to know that in 2 years I'll be looking for a nursing position and in 5, an NNP position)

I'm so nervous. I have a lot of administrative experience, but not in a hospital setting.


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Good luck!

Take deep breaths to calm yourself; remember that many things in life happen easily if they are meant to be.

Wishing you all the best!!

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I didn't get it, but I do have an interview on Tuesday for a unit coord in the ER, which, except that it isn't in the NICU, looks to be even better for me, hours-wise. The lady on the phone seemed to think I was pretty much a shoe-in for it. :D

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