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trying to get licensed in illinois - help!

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I'm a new nurse grad trying to figure out all this *(&! red tape in illinois. I got my letter from my school last wed, a week ago today, and mailed it into Continental testing, who already had my application and money. Supposedly it was just supposed to take a couple days to get my ATT confirmation by email from Pearsonvue testing company, but I still haven't seen a thing. I've confirmed that everyone has gotten their money. Pearsonvue said that the state of illinois hasn't approved my paperwork yet, so they can't send my ATT. I sent my stuff express overnight mail, too. And everyone else in my class that I've talked to got their emails on Sat-Mon. Help! I'm freaking out! Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do? I called Pearsonvue and they said call them back in 2 weeks? That freaked me out even more! If anyone has any helpful advice I would really appreciate it. I tried calling the illinois state but their phone just gives a busy signal. THanks again.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.