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Trying to get a job in the hospital (help!)

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So I'm currently working as a CNA at a retirement living center at the moment and nothing else until fall of 2015. I deal with a variety of residents which is really rewarding I think, but I'm looking into hopefully getting a job in the hospital to gain more experience in the hospital setting. I'm finished with all my Pre-nursing courses and I went ahead and finished the bachelors in nursing chemistry that I was able to take. I also have a A.S degree in Art as well and my CNA and CPR and I'm a male. Does this sound like a good chance of getting a job in the hospital? I'm a little discourage about it because I've heard from so many people that its extremely hard to get a CNA job in the hospital. Let me know what you think because any advice would be immeasurably helpful!

Give me some advice if you have any on this topic! please!

And I liked to work in anything in the hospital.

I think it depends a lot on what area you live in. In certain places, there is just too many CNAs and not enough hospital jobs available. I was able to secure a job in a hospital, and am still getting calls to this day from hospitals, and I don't even have any experience. However, the area I live in has many hospitals and also has new ones as well. CPR is good, however, is it a Basic Life Support certification? Hospitals prefer BLS certifications over regular CPR certifications, because it is more healthcare oriented. The fact that you have experience is definitely a plus. Don't be discouraged by what people are saying. I've heard the same things as you, but it turned out wonderfully for me. Go apply to jobs. The worst they can do is say no or not call you. However, don't be picky when applying for jobs. If you see a CNA/PCA/PCT job open at a hospital, even if its a floor you aren't excited about, apply for it. Apply for every position you can. It will increase your odds.