Trying to get a job in cardiology



I am a recent graduate working as nurse on an eating disoder unit. I have been trying to get a job in cardiology for awhile now but no one will even consider me for an interview. I was wondering if anyone had advice on things I could do to build my resume. Should I get ACLS certified? I am willing to do anything, I LOVE cardiac nursing and would be so happy if I had a chance at getting a job in that field!


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Certainly doesn't hurt to get ACLS certified, but I would suggest taking a simple telemetry course first. When I got ACLS certified a lot of people in the class where in situations similar to yours, but didn't have a good grasp of the different arrhythmias and thus had a harder time understanding the meds needed during a code. My suggestions are as follows:

1. Take a telemetry class. You can try to contact HR or even a cardiac nurse manager at a hospital nearby to see if they offer anything like


2. Join a website where you can get a bunch of cardiac CEU's for a flat rate. I like Nursing Spectrum. Take some online CEU's.

3. Consider joining a cardiac nursing association such as the PCNA through which you can network, meet other people, get advice, and learn about different opportunities.

4. Put all of this on your resume. It'll show you're really serious.

Good luck! :)