Trying to figure out if NP is the route for me


Hello all,

I've just graduated with my assoiciate degree in nursing. To tell how early it is n the game for me to be honest I'm still in orientation. I like nursing but floor staff isn't for me I find myself wanting to know about the med aspect of the job. I get tried of asking how certain meds work and my orienter ( if that's a word) lol replies by " don't worry it's just for blood pressure" or some other statement. I think I would like to be a NP because it would enable me to work n go to school n one day hopefully I would open my own practice one day. On the other hand, I have talked with one of the Drs there n he said I should consider becoming a doctor. He says if I am wanting some of the things I've talked about ( knowledge etc) that would be the route to go becuase if I were an NP I would b doing alot of what he's doing without the knowledge base n making alot less. He tells mr life as a doctor isn't bad that he spends a great deal of his time with his family ( that's really big to me) n the only reason y some docs seemed to hate their job is because they over work themselves for the money. Money has never been important to me after all i'm a nurse. So I've checked n to med school n realized that I would be getting myslef into alot of debt 300,000 plus. To b honest I don't even feel like Im smart enough to b a doctor or an NP for that matter. Please somebody thow me some much needed advice Im a stressed out 23yr old tryin to get it together

I think you would enjoy the NP route if that's what decide. There is so much to learn and it is never boring because every patient is so different. I worked as an RN before I became an NP so I can compare and contrast the two roles. And I really enjoy the NP role a lot more. There is a lot more responsiblity with being an NP that an RN so that's something that you should know. But I just LOVE being involved on a deeper level with treating patients, deciding on the coarse of treatment and watching the plan of care unfold before my eyes and seeing patients get better. It's so much fun!! I would totally recommend it! And if you choose med school, that's great too, although the debt incurred can be very high.

And don't ever think you aren't smart enough. You can do anything if you put your mind to it! Good luck!