Trouble finding my niche


I know this topic has been stated before by many nurses unable to find their "fit" within the profession but this is the way I have been feeling for about 10 years now. I have been a nurse for 15 years and have been in various clinical settings such as community health, home support supervisor in the community, medical floors, clinical instructor at a local university, mental health and now as a resource (charge nurse) nurse on a mental health floor. I have always wanted to be nurse since the age of 6 (I'm 36 now), nursing is all that I have ever known. I no longer want to work at the bedside.

I have completed courses in Occupational health nursing...but have been unable to find employment. I am enrolled in a MSN program but I am unsure that I will 1) find employment once completed 2) will all of a sudden find my niche. It feels like I am wasting my time and money. I started a program in Human resources at one time, but felt bad leaving the nursing I will disappoint my family.

I am at a total loss as to where to turn. I no longer want to work on the floor as a staff nurse but now that I am in a more management position...the politics of the hospital are driving me crazy. Is there something that I have overlooked in regards to what can be done with a BSN? Is there anyone who is in a similar situation and what route did you take? Should I just leave nursing? I'm afraid that I will make a linear change into another area of nursing and hate it as well.