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I just want to share my experience at Trinidad State College nursing program. As part of a minority group I want to voice my concerns. Please understand that there is only 1.4% of black nurses in the whole state of Colorado. Community colleges are failing minority nursing students including hispanics, blacks and internationals in great numbers. The state board of nursing and the department of education is not doing anything about it. Colleges make a profit by making us repeat a semester. Another problem is that if you fail you have to wait 3 to 5 years before applying for another school which is unfair since your pre-requisites (science courses) may expire. Trinidad state college is not a fair program. Their instructors will make up their own exam with weird rationales and expect you to undo the puzzle. Trust me, NCLEX exams are not even as difficult as their exams. Their labs and clinicals are a joke you will not learn skills that you need to become a critical thinker. Horrible program!! They pretty much take advantage of international students by making the language in exams more difficult. THEY INTEND to fail you. Please run to the exits.  If you are black and have good healthcare experience, a white student with no experience at all have more chances to succeed in their program than you. I really advice minority students who failed there to report their corruption to state and the department of education this needs to stop!! All my friends in Denver failed there please do not attend this school!! Just a good advice


Hey, man, I was wondering if you'd be interested in telling me more about your experience at Trinidad. From another black male interested in attending the school if you're down I can't start a private chat but I'm down to talk through email lmk thank you. 

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Well, I don't mind giving you some information. I do not recommend Trinidad college to minority students though. Minority students are hard working too we take care of our families, support our communities, and are fully capable of providing safe care to our patients. However, not many schools in Colorado see us that way. Trinidad college is one of them. I met enough minotiry students who failed there. Trinidad do not report "program completion" but only NCLEX pass rates. This is unacceptable because that's how they manage to conceal how many minority students they fail every year. I guarantee you that the numbers are significantly high. Trinidad hired an instructor who has a master degree but has experience mainly in OB. This individual is a monster not a human being. She creates exams that are biased and can barely demonstrate med surg skills. However, the director kiss her *** just because she has a master degree. She fails as many students as she wants the majority minority off coarse, and no one question her methods of testing students. It is time for black students to stand up and speak up!! They know how to intimidate and they think they will always get away with this. Nursing is such a wonderful career but our current leadership is corrupt and the process of becoming a nurse is selective and discriminatory. I recommend Regis, Galen, Indiana state university where you can still find nursing directors with a human heart. DO NOT ATTEND TRINIDAD! You will be disappointed. You can do better than that stay away from south Colorado. I met plenty of black students who failed south..... Trinidad is not doing so well financially which is Karma. So, they make more money by making you repeat a course to put money in their pockets. They collect all the money and operate with 1 instructor for 2 courses rushing and wishing you good luck. Be wise and stay away from there my friend!!


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