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It's trying to figure some things out to make a solid decision. I've always wanted to be a traveling nurse, I'd really like to be international. I met a guy and I am now engaged to him. He has two girls, one is 12, the other is 10. We thought about traveling for a while and since we play music together, we could book shows in the surrounding area. My problem is, am I going to be able to support a family with only my paycheck? Is it worth him quitting his job and putting the girls in a home school program? Has anybody done any traveling nursing or know any good websites to look at so I can make a better decision. Btw, I'm in my second semester of nursing school and know you have to have at least a years experience in med/surg before you are eligible to travel.

Ultimately, you need to do what will make you and your family the happiest since, in my opinion anyway, is the most important thing in life. Personally, I'm leaving a 6 figure income in an extremely stable career that has lasted 18+ years to persue a nursing career....with a home, family, etc. In regards to being able to support your family on just your income, that depends greatly on the region you're going to live/work. I was in the service for 10 years and have literally been around the world twice, and I can say that in any given country, the cost of living varies just as drastically as it does in the US.

I follow a rule that has helped me out more than once when deciding on a new position or role in my career. Money is always nice, but if you're miserable at work, you're going to be miserable at home.

That's part of it. I'm scared I will be miserable being in the same place all the time. I can't ever seem to make myself stay somewhere I don't like even if it's a good opportunity. I left a CNA job once because it made me so mad to watch people being mistreated by their insurance companies. People with stage 4 cancer would come to our rehab unit where they had to work out 4 hours a day and could only see their families for 4 hours a day. We would have people die in there when they could have been home with their families and died with some dignity. Instead, the insurance companies put them in a position where they had to be at the rehab first before going elsewhere if they were going to continue to pay. Maybe it's like that everywhere, maybe it's not? Maybe I would feel better knowing that I only had to deal with certain rules and certain people for 3 months and then I could move on? What if tho, I come home after a really stressful day and go off because I'm the sole bread winner and I'm jealous that he gets to spend all day at home with the girls? I feel like its a win-lose situation.

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