Traveling Hospice Nurses??


I'm in a state with a bazillion hospices, all fighting over the same patients, doctors, discharge planners, etc. It's a mess. Someone told me there is a "Traveling Hospice Nurse Program" and it's based out of Vermont or maybe New Hampshire. I have LOTS of issues, questions, and concerns about this kind of business: I figure it could be grand or a nightmare.

If anyone has any info or input, I'd really appreciate it.

Oh, yes, and if any of your hospices are looking for a chaplain, please let me know, if that is possible to do on this forum.

Thanks so much for all the great work you do. I had hospice care with BOTH my parents (one was great, the other was really home health nurses who hadn't much of a clue) but I now know that I can say, without a doubt, that all those things I said about hospice to pts/cts and their families were all true!

Holy work, this.


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