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Any insite on what it takes to be a TRAVEL NURSE? Trying to decide.....thanks!

Dixielee, BSN, RN

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You need to be very confident in your specialty, because you are expected to be up and running with minimal orientation. You need to be someone who does not need any hand holding. You must be flexible, go with the flow, enjoy new situations. I think it helps to believe in the "good" in most people, otherwise, you will constantly feel dumped on when it is not intended. You need to be the type who can say, yes, I can do that. If you thrive on routine, structure and predictablity, then travel nursing is not for you. If you are shy and afraid to speak up for yourself, it is probably not for you. If you are afraid to buy a map, get into your car alone and go explore new areas, then don't even think about it. If you are into "territory", then traveling is not for you.

If you enjoy meeting new people, seeing new sights, gaining more insight into ways other people think and do things, then maybe you should try it. If you are assertive (not aggresive) and can problem solve, then maybe this is for you. If you can learn from others, and admit that maybe you can learn new tricks, then traveling is ideal for that. Just when I think I have seen it all, someone shows me something new. If you can stand up for yourself, know what you need and want, and are not afraid to ask for it, maybe traveling is a good idea, if not, forget it. There are pros and cons to every lifestyle and job situation. You just have to weigh them and make informed decisions.

Someday, I will probably settle down, maybe, but not for now.


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Excellent - thanks sounds like a fit!


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Dixie your answer should be on a poster for the travel recruiters!!!!!!!! Only thing to add-

schedules may not be as flexible, but you can always request a holiday off IN WRITING before you take the assignment--never had a problem with my vacation or holidays at home!!

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