Van Nuys, CA tvl nsg @ Valley Presbyterian looking for hospital/housing/local advice

  1. I am going to be on my first assignment in California...still need a roomate and unfamilar w/ the area...I began Dec 1st, 2006...don't know anything about the hospital...or an nicu nurse...might live w/ a friend in Arcadia...does anyone know how long it would take me to get to van nuys from arcadia leaving for a 7p-7a shift also comming u think traffic will be bad at that time? Thanks Jen
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  3. by   tdr61
    Welcome to CA! If you decide to live in Arcadia you'll be looking at a minimum of 45 mins to an hour drive if the traffic isn't bad. If it is, you can double that time. Arcadia is about 30 miles or so from the hospital and that time of the night can prove to be very busy. The morning time probably wouldn't be as bad once you get through the Burbank area. Does your company not offer housing? If they do I would definitely take the housing and get closer to the hospital. However, I wouldn't recommend the Van Nuys area. When I did an assignment at Valley Pres. I took housing in Woodland's about 13 miles away and took me 25-30 minutes to get there. I'm still in Woodland Hills so if you have any questions about how to get around or the area...drop me a line!

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  5. by   Bongsau
    I would definitely not live in arcadia if you are working in van nuys. Going home at night would probably take you an hour and in the morning at least 40 mins. Also van nuys is not the best area, so I would recomend living in sherman oaks or studio city which are both within 10 miles of valley pres. There are many apartments available for rent and there are several roomate finder websites if you don't want to live on your own. Good luck.