True Staff travel agency?

  1. Has anyone worked for TruStaff? What are they like? OK? Avoid? I want to go to California with somebody. I was quoted a potentially good hourly rate, and they have contracts in hospitals in the areas I'm interested in (Santa Barbara and Monterey).
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  3. by   lmessajumper
    Trustaff offers large non-taxed portion of your hourly wage. They pay for your expenses out of your check then send you the rest as pay. I find my own housing them have them call and set up everything-rent, furniture rental, computer rental, utilities - any bill that I have while on assignment. The rest of the untaxed portion can be used for insurance, travel expenses and reimbursements for licenses and any job related expenses. This usually covers the untaxed portion. I like it because I call my housing guy and can have him pay for an unexpected expense like a hotel or doctor visit and take it out of my next check. They are casual and though they don't offer insurance or reimbursements separately they do give you enough tax free income to do it yourself. I would recommend using other agencies until you are a seasoned traveler and also to get tax info first. Check out for a good resource.
  4. by   cheetha
    I would avoid Trustaff. They lie like a dog. They will tell you what you want to hear just to fill a position. They will change things like your contract and not tell you. They don't pay on time, etc. etc. But then, don't trust me. Take an assignment and find out for yourself.
  5. by   cheated
    First of all unlike other agencies the housing is not free. At Trustaff they deduct the rent, utilities and furniture rental out of your check weekly leaving you very little take home pay. I had many problems with getting paid correctly so pay close attention to your check and when you have a problem there is no one to reach after their business hours so you will have no one to discuss pay with until Monday. There were multiple times that my pay was incorrect. My recruiter was great which was the only reason I resigned with the company but when I found another job I quickly got away from them. They don't reimburse for travel expenses like other companies do either. If you are paying your own rent, utilities, etc., then what do you need them for except for them to receive a cut for all the work you do.