Traveling in washinton St

  1. wondering if you anyone has traveled to Wasintton state . I just bought a Rv and am going to take my first assignment in Washington. Looking Forward to it. I am an Er Nurse. Any feed back on good Hospitals to check out or stay away from.
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  3. by   hopfl1dr_lst
    :yeahthat: Hi! I loved Seattle's Harborview Medical Center. Er can be crazy but FFFUUUNNN. It's a level 1 trauma center...and being a county faculity, it is rarely empty. The pt demographic tend to be a little wild (if you enjoy the tv show "Cops" you will be amused). Staff is excellent and friendly to travelers. I've worked at Johns Hopkins and Mayo, among others, and found nursing in Seattle to be the most diverse and rewarding. A tamer institution, yet very good, is Harborview's sister facility, University of Washington Medical Center. UWMC is more of an upscale facility specializing in transplants and Oncology. I've heard ok reviews on Swedish Hospital.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   k_cole21
    I loved Swedish Medical in downtown Seattle. Also worked Harrison in Silverdale/Bremerton. A bit weird but the people were great to work with.
  5. by   motomanRN
    thanks for the info. It sounds really cool up there. I have the motorhome ready to go and I can't wait to roll on out of southern Ca.:roll
  6. by   jen33336
    Has anyone heard of burien, wa hospital highline medical center? It is 10 miles from downtown Seatt.e
  7. by   love to dive
    I worked at Highline in Burien Wa on a Per diem basis a few times in thier tele unit. I liked it there and the staff was very nice and helpful.
    Plus there is a GREAT dive site not to far from the hosp!!!