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  1. I'm an RN interested in becoming a traveling nurse. I am looking for some feedback or guidance as to which companies are the best to work for. Please give me some input.
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  3. by   maritimegirl
    Hey, I'm working with Medical Solutions and love them. They pay well, they provide free private housing and pay all my utilities, including phone and cable which is rare. My recruiter is incredible, I can give you her name if you contact me, and they really go out of their way to keep their travelers happy. Look them up, you won't be disappointed.
  4. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I've been traveling for 6 years. Honestly, the jobs are substandard and the pay has been chiseled so much that you can actually make the same or better pay on staff in some places.

    I decided since my Mom had suffered a stroke to work local agency contracted. You know what? I'm beating out most travel agency pay and more. You can take that extra money and travel for fun. The hospitals are cruel a lot of times with schedules that have you working way too many days in a row and if the staff start to complain about needing a day off you will have your schedule changed at any given moment and have absolutely nothing to say about it. Always that threat of having your contract terminated. It hadn't happened to me but I know of so many Nurses that just got fed up with travel and left it.

    I think there are better options that pay better and have more job security than travel. The companies are taking a huge chunk out of your salary and you just leave yourself wide open to anything. The hospitals can cancel you at any time and they get away with it. If you cancel a contract for whatever reason you will be charged 30 days of housing and fees. Be careful. You'd do so much better working with a personal CPA and doing local agency contracts with a start and an end date. Provide your own housing and either drive or ship your car out. Save your receipts for housing and expenses and make good money. The agencies are for the birds.

    If you need help with housing, look at a site called craigslist: san francisco bay area classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events Plenty of people renting rooms that are all over the US.

    I wish you all the best!
  5. by   piperknitsRN
    I've worked for PPR out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and think they'd be a great company to help you start out nursing. I chose them partially because of their nurse-friendly company ethics. I had a great recruiter who came through for me when I got sick during an assignment.

    I've also worked with Nova Pro. Sharp recruiter, company pretty easy to work with. Would reccomend them, even though they are the sister co. to the evil "Cross Country" empire you hear so much about. Frankly, have meet lots of CC travelers, and none seem all that peeved to me.

    Have also heard of Trinity, Onassignment and Nigtingale Nurses as being good facilities, but no personal experience with them.
  6. by   LadyNASDAQ
    Quote from Proud RN
    I'm an RN interested in becoming a traveling nurse. I am looking for some feedback or guidance as to which companies are the best to work for. Please give me some input.
    I've worked for many. I've been traveling for 6 yrs. I think you would like On Assignment. X is my Recruiter and top notch. They include a car and car insurance. They have the best bennies and they pay well.

    My name is Stacy from Fl.
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