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  1. Hi everyone!

    My name is Kait and I've been a nurse in Canada for 2 years. I just wrote (and passed!) my NCLEX two weeks ago. I wrote for New York, and I can't wait to work there! I'm very excited!

    I have sooo many questions! It's such a new experience!

    Well, to start: I'm going to go with Cross Country Travel Corps, as they were the once agency who really seemed to know their stuff and were helpful during my 14 MONTH wait. I know another Cdn nurse who went with them as well. Any thoughts on them...experiences?

    Thanks! ~Kait
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  3. by   Kait
    Oh... I'm a medsurg nurse. I am hoping to be right in NYC. CCTC says they can get me there... I tried Medical Express, but they just kept trying to get me to go to California. I like California, don't get me wrong...but I was going to choose my assignment, thank you very much!