RN Travel in Wisconsin/Minnesota ???

  1. Any suggestions as to travel companies to use in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area. I am interested in traveling during the week, as I work weekends at a hospital in La Crosse Wisconsin. I would be looking at working 2 - 3 days per week. I would appreciate any feedback.....Thanks
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  3. by   Nursing2Travel
    The company I'm with recently offered to submit me in Madison at $37 an hour. I took a different spot, but if you'd like the name of my recruiter/company I can pass it on! Just private message me.
  4. by   bebo111
    hi there,
    I am young ambitious !nurse completed my Bachelor degree in India ,and doing my Executive MBA in Ireland's Unversity college dublin(UCD).I will complete my coursein 2009 march,i have 3yr experience as nurse.My ultimate aim is to work in US,excile as much as i can in what ever i do,right now i am in dublin,can anyone can guide me about my oppprtunities,potentials.
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  5. by   btraveler
    Traveling in Wisconsin is hit or miss. They have a lot of needs at times and other times no needs at all. There is always a need for ICU nurses in Marshfield, WI and if you play your cards right....they will offer you a lot of money. They require so many travelers, that sometimes there travelers make up more than their regular staff does.
  6. by   btraveler
    Could you send me more info about which company? I was going to make $30/h in Madison.....Is it ICU??