Registry vs Travel Nursing???

  1. I am a relatively new nurse at a hospital that has several travelers. I am one out of a total of 3 staff RN's and the rest are registry or travelers. My questions is what is the difference between registry and travel nurses. I know registry is not a 13 week contract, rather day by day. What is the difference in pay? Any advice would be helpful!
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  3. by   nsgshortage
    Why do you want to know how much these nurses are making? Believe me if there is a secret to getting out of bed at 0500 and running all day earning varicose veins, I would be a millionaire!

    If you want to work for an agency or travel, call a few of them up and see for yourself. The only people making the bucks are the agencies. If they are paying the RN $30, they are billing at least $70.00.
  4. by   NurseWeasel
    As far as I understand it (and I haven't traveled or done agency/registry YET), they both pay well but with the 13 week contracts you get free rent or subsidies, insurance, etc. Plus you probably get to actually "travel" more, because with registry you are (I would imagine) more local to a certain area and need to be available to travel for short assignments on short notice.

    OK that probably didn't help much, sorry. But I tried! I'm still learning, myself.