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  1. I dont know if this question is best for this forum but I didnt know where else to ask this here it goes..

    I am a new RN. I have been working for my current employer for 1 year as LVN, and now as RN. It is occupational type nursing. My employer is sending another new RN( my good friend) and I out to Fresno California to help complete physicals at the new plant. The plant has hired a nurse, but she needs training...also she is not bilingual like me and my friend.

    My nursing friend wants to make the same wages as the California nurse, since we are actually working in California. The new nurse is making ALOT more than we are....

    My question it unreasonable to request the same wages as the California nurse while we are working in California? IM curious to know how it works. Thanks in advance for your responses..
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  3. by   Kymmi
    My first thought when I read this was to wonder whether the company is going to be paying your expenses while in CA i.e. meals, lodging, travel, car..etc and wondering how long you will be in CA. I would say if they are paying your expenses while in CA then the regular wages you make in your current state would be reasonable. I think that CA wages are higher but so is the cost of living. If you are expected to pay your living expenses while away from home then yes I'd be asking for increased wages to meet those demands.
  4. by   naskippy
    KYMMI, I agree with you. I have to know what the company is going to shell out to give a good reply. The reason the nurse in CA is making more money is Cost of Living differences. If the company is picking up the cost of living expenses, then I guess my feeling is there should be no expectation of additional compensation. If the company is not going to pick up the housing, food, or other travel expenses then yes, I feel asking for addtional compensation would be in order.