Process for obtaining a state license?

  1. I was wondering how difficult it is to obtain a nursing license in other states? Maybe I am just confused- but don't states have different requirements? Are there tests that travel nurse have to take or is it just a matter of paperwork?
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  3. by   Dixielee
    It varies from state to state, but it is just a matter of paperwork and money. If you are member of a compact state, it makes it much easier. Just start early. Some states take longer than others but many times you can get your temporary license in one day or just a few days. Check the state board of nursing in the states you are interested in, and they will give you specifics to that state. If you are interested in traveling, ask your recuiter to point you in the right direction to obtain a license. Good luck.
  4. by   travrn04
    Hi!! I have waited between 3wks to a full month for my license and sometimes even before you get the job some hospitals want you to have your license ahead of time. your recruiter shoud have a list of the diff state board of nursing and phone numbers for you or just google the state board of nursing you are interested in. the sucky part is paying for the different licenses and if you hold more than 2 and they are not part of NURSYS online then you have to pay more to verify your original state of licensure and wherever you have had any other license. example: i have 5 licenses, one from my original state of iowa, the rest are endorsements.. a lot of states also have compact licenses where if the state that you are living in have aggreements with other states then you can practice under that license.. the only catch is that you must prove that you have residency in that state... thats where i cant use my iowa license since traveling i have no perm address....
    my florida license took 1 month with the verifications and fingerprints... some hospitals wont even look at my profile unless i have my license... some states also have mandatory ceus that you have to fullfill before sending in your license... i think florida has an hiv mandatory ceu but if you are living out state then you can check the "good cause" for not having that mandatory ceu then you have to cmplete the ceu within six months of getting a job.
    i just applied to washington state and thank goddness you only have to verify your original state of licensure which cost me 30 bones since iowa is part of NURSYS. they said it will take three weeks to process....oh and they have mandatory ceu for hiv/aids 7 hr course....and you cant use the florida hiv/aids course either!!!!
    hawaii and cali both have temp licenses for 6 months.... they took about 2-3 weeks, need fingerprints for cali license. you can go to dept of justice to get your digital fingerprints done.
    well, i hope this helps you!!!! it does get expensive after a while so get an agency that will reimburse you....
    good luck with traveling!!!!!!!!!! i totally enjoy my experiences and the people i have met!!!