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  1. I'm new to this travel nurse thing. I got a copy via email of a tentative contract (Access Nurses) which I am wondering if these things are typical in a contract -- I'm assuming they are but want to check.

    If I don't complete my contract, they will charge me $750.00. They also have a binding arbitration clause. How extensive is the background check? They told me the pay was $30.50/hr, no insurance. The contract states the pay is $22.92/hr for the first 36 hours worked, with $7.58 per hour in tax free per diem meal compensation. I might be asked to be on-call (although this was not mentioned in the phone interview with the manager); no mention given if I have a choice in this or not. The manager told me the schedule is 7 12 hr shifts/14 days; the contract says 3 12/week (which is what I want) -- so what's what? They have a housing and furnishings contract that is for a one bedroom apt, and there are no apartments offered travellers in Chinle -- it's all motels.

    I just got this today and am supposed to agree to it by tomorrow afternoon. I haven't spoken with the recruiter yet about it. I am talking with another agency, Anderson & Bates (for a different location) which pays more ($34/hr, with insurance thrown in)and can give me what I want and will make a decision which company to go with after I speak with them tomorrow. They told me the first $20/hr earned is tax free. Yes, I'm playing both sides here to see what this is about.

    Any observations? Suggestions? Are these things pretty normal? Red flags?
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  3. by   IdahoNurse
    Definitely discuss things with your recruiter if things are not the way that the nurse manager and you discussed in your interview. Also ask them how extensive the background check is, a few companies have been known to do a credit check if you are taking the housing. Most importantly, DO NOT sign anything that you DO NOT feel comfortable with! Once it is signed and sent, then you are under legal obligation to complete that contract.