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  1. hi all, i am on my 1st traveling assign. in tuscon az. loving it and would like to hear from other travelers on where to go and where not to go on next adventure.
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  3. by   trvlnRN
    Welcome to the world of travel nursing. It's always difficult for me to decide where to go or not go. I base it on what areas I'm interested in seeing, where my husband needs to be for work, or where we want to go to visit family. As far as deciding on an assignment...I think each travel assignment better prepares the traveler for additional questions to ask in the interview. I also have called other travelers who had already worked there (when possible) what an area and assignment is like. That has been the most helpful so far to me as the other traveling nurse will provide you will an honest review. Ask your recruiter if they have had a traveler go to a particular area you are thinking about and ask to speak with them. I have also starting interviewing for more than one assignment at a time....I let them know that when I am "interviewing" (I say that because they call it an interview but we are really interviewing them). Then the decision is usually easy after speaking with a couple different places. And best of all....that's the best thing about travel nursing....if the assignment is is only temporary. And if it's good...they often need a traveler longer than 13 weeks. Another thing I do is travel in my RV...thus I pocket more money from the housing stipend plus I have had the most fun taking time off in-between assignments and slowly traveling to a new area. It's great having so much vacation time. I don't think I could ever work in a job where I only got two weeks vacation a year again! I've been traveling all over the United States this year (coast to coast) and have had the best time of my life doing so. Welcome to travel nursing!