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are pay rates in general much lower in New Mexico? I've been quoted an hourly (taxed) rate of $20/hour, plus maximum housing and living stipends that work out to about $25/hour untaxed (I definitely... Read More

  1. by   kenny b
    Quote from suzyjudy007
    thanks for replying. i am glad to hear you are getting great pay and you love it out there! i am with american mobile and was told by my recruiter not to expect anything more than 28 per hour in NM. i am going to work at presbyterian in alb doing med surg. i dont have tele skills or acls but i do get along well with my co-workers, have a good attitude, show up to work on time every time ready to work. i say a little prayer every morning asking God to help me be part of the solution and NOT part of the problem!
    anyway, so glad you are liking your assignment. i cant wait to get out there and do some hiking in the sandia's and some powdery skiing up at taos. suzanne
    Try Wolf Creek! It's just over the border (<4hrs away). More snow than anywhere in Colorado, and we just rented a huge 3 bedroom house for $100 per day ($33 each after we split the cost!). Also, the Pagosa Springs are up there and you can soak after a long ski day!

    Let me know if you need details.
  2. by   367tank
    Hi I am new to this. I currently live in New York, but I am very interested in living and working in NM. I will be graduating this year.
    Could you please explain what a nursing agency is?

  3. by   vadushkas_nurse
    Has anyone worked at eastern new mexico hospital?? I'm curious about trying it. I am working with On Assignment. Any advice? Thanks