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  1. Hi! Offered a job at $31 in Farmington, NM in the medsurg dept at San Juan Regional Medical. Offer is $38.5 without the free housing. First travel assignment, 1.5 years experience. Recruiter is from On Assignment, she has 8 months experience. I think it's an OK offer, especially given my experience level and that this is my first travel assignment. Any input on region, hospital or offer would be very welcome.

    It's a small town, but I'm psyched about the location as I love national parks and skiing. I just want a good first experience so I don't get scared of travel nursing!

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  3. by   Selke
    I just finished a contract at Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock NM with Anderson & Bates Supplemental Staffing and was paid $34/hr. They paid all my housing expense, all utilities, cable, internet, health insurance including dental and vision.

    You're right about the attractions of 4 corners -- if you are an outdoor person, this is a perfect place. Lots of the Shiprock staff live in Cortez or Durango CO and you have skiing and snowboarding right in your backyard. Plus hiking, camping, mountain climbing, you name it, in the whole area. Don't forget to check out Monument Valley, Arches in Utah, &c. So much beautiful, gorgeous country to experience there!!
  4. by   Nursing2Travel
    Hey! Thanks for replying! I did some re-negotiation based on your information. Thanks you!
  5. by   calinocnurse
    hey there,
    i'm on a travel assignment in santa fe. before accepting the assignment go on line and find out what the housing costs are there, then figure out if you are going to be coming out ahead....remember, housing (if you are paying ) also requires gas/electric, going somewhere to do your laundry...all these items add up so what looks like an additional $ 7.50 an hour might not be at all.

    new mexico is an amazing, wonderful state. may you enjoy your first assignment.

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