New Grad interested in travel down the road, advice needed.

  1. so i finally did it, i graduated, landed my first big-girl job, but a dream of mine has always been to travel. how more blessed could i get that my career offers this type of nursing. i am starting off on a tele unit at an urban hospital. i am very interested in traveling perhaps even internationally. i was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips, perhaps when is a good time to start a traveling career, and if anyone knows about travel nursing in places internationally and if commintments are different with international travel jobs.
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  3. by   Sylvia321
    Most hospitals won't even look at your profile unless you have 1-2 years experience in your speciality. Tele RNs are needed in most places, be prepared to float to M/S.

    As a traveler you need to be able to hit the floor running, I've been on assignments where my orientation consisted of; here is the nurses station, the supplies are over there, and the rooms are from point A to point Z, have a good shift......

    I've heard horror stories from other travelers, I've had a few bod contracts, but for the most part, the places I've been and those I've worked with have been really great. I wouldn't trade traveling for anything.

    Congrats on graduating! Advice that was given to me was, in addition to practicing nursing standards, know your Nurse Practice Act and your Policies & Procedures, they will protect you. Good luck.