Mission hospital in Cali...Sound worth it so far?

  1. I am currently traveling with American Mobile but I spoke with Travel Max about a possible assignment for my friend and I in LA this May. I actually sent the recruiter an email listing everything that we wanted b4 I spoke with him. This included a rental car, but he didnt mention anything about it in the package. This was just tenative but he said the pay would be around 38$ for ER and 34$ for M/S, which includes increased pay because we want to share housing. Insurance included and a 500$ stipend each for travel. Also 10$/hr is tax free. This is at Mission hospital in north LA.

    So my questions are: Does ne1 know about Mission hospital? Does this sound like a good deal? Is it realistic to want a rental car (we would be leaving from florida)? When I was quoted cali pay from my company a while back, it was around the same range but that was with private housing. If we stick with my company one of us can get housing and the other can get a stipend to split.

    I work nights and havent been to sleep yet so I hope this makes sense.
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