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  1. I am a LPN and I have 3 1/2 years of experience in Newborn Nursery, Mother/baby postpartum and med-surg. I am currently licensed in AR, which is a compact state. I want to give travel nursing a try. I know LPN jobs can be hard to find so can any one give me any tips or information. Which travel companies would you suggest?

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  3. by   ashlee853
    I have been offered a job in Cali. with nursesrx. Does anyone know if they are a good company? I am new to this so I am not sure.

  4. by   MsPiggy
    I'd like to know also, I'm looking to dotravel as LPN also, would like to now of some good companies to work for. Ashlee, did you decide to go with the job @ nurserx?
  5. by   MsPiggy
    Hi Ashlee,
    I'm interested in hearing what you've decided to do regarding the travel position? I'm a LPN also and would like to start Travel nursing asap, I'm a empty nester (except for the grown s-son/g-id) and my husband is out of town a lot so this is a perfect time for me to give it a whirl.
  6. by   squirleelpn
    i am an lpn with 6 years under mu belt in several areas of nursing and would love to travel but have no clue how to get started can someone help me? contact me at squirleelpn@yahoo.com