LPN Travel nurses?

  1. I put out my name to some travel companies, and have gotten quite a few interested companies. So, far I haven't returned their calls because I have a few questions I would like to ask you guys/gals.

    Are there breaks inbetween assignments, or can you get them back to back usually?

    I am moving to Orlando area, and wonder what or of there are many travel assignments for LPNs in this area.

    What is the downside to travel nursing?

    I would appreciate any information or experiences you could share with me.
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  3. by   rheebaby
    hi Tiroka,

    I have been an lpn traveler for the past 4 yrs. I have had some wonderful assignment and some terrible ones. Since the market focuses on mainly RN's, you have to be very careful. Some will pay you more by putting you in cheap housing, which may not be worth it. I have found that some companys will pay you less because you are an lpn, but the works is 3x as hard. you have to be very careful. make sure they pay you what you are worth. Check out the pay scale in that area and the rents. Make sure your recruiter has lots of experience. And, yes you can have time in between assignments. Or, do them back to back as well. Most of the time the ups are greater than the down in travel nursing. Just be informed. Hope this helps. Good Luck