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  1. I am a nurse with over 22 yrs experience-I have been working for a local agency which has been very good until the last couple of months...keep ketting cancelled due to low census or staff filling the shifts. I've had a couple of contracts-which were great. I re-applied to a couple of travel nurse companies-one I spent all day online completing their tests! Now, I find out the hospitals won't take me on because I'm considered local! Any suggestions? I really need at least some of the benefits-maybe not housing...My local agency has NO benefits except guarenteed hrs.
    I'm a single parent with a 7 and 17 yr old. I've applied for reg jobs in my area but, most use MA's and LVN's here in South Dallas area. About 3 yrs ago, I did local travel assignments for area hospitals and there was no issue! Why the change?
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