Lloyd Staffing

  1. Has anyone heard of or dealt with Lloyd Staffing? They place nurses in mostly East Coast cities and many in NYC, which is where I want to go. I know that Cross Country is the other top-NYC placer, but I keep hearing negative things about the "evil empire" etc.
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  3. by   team_playerRN
    Haven't heard of LLoyd Staffing but I've been in contact with CC regarding positions on the east coast and so far so good. I haven't worked on an assignment for them yet but they appear to be very professional, courteous and prompt to answer questions when I have them.
  4. by   cookielady,rn
    they seem to pay low, advertise 40/hr for travel. Took them over a week to answer a simple question, so I didn't bother continuing with the process
  5. by   tinderbox
    I talked with the recruiter at Lloyd. She's a doll, very upfront. Her reputation sounds excellent, from what I've heard from other travelers who've worked with her. I guess if you're looking to really "travel" like all over the US, then CC would be good, but I definitely got a weird vibe from the CCTC recruiter. She acted like she'd never recruited anyone before. I had to push HER to talk about process. Didn't get that feeling at all with Lloyd. Lloyd specializes in East Coast placement, especially NY. the recruiter is a New Yorker, lives in NYC, and knows her NYC staffing/housing.