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Hello out there!!! I need your experience. I'm humming and hawing about a possible job assignment in Lexington, Kentucky at St. Joseph ER or to Houston, Texas at LBJ (Linden B. Johnson, inside... Read More

  1. by   paigenp
    I just moved away from Houston 3 months ago to start traveling, but I lived there for nearly 7 years. I came from the midwest where we had 4 seasons a year and a traffic jam were two combines in the road. I really did enjoy living in Houston, the weather isn't the best, but besides that there are a multitude of activities to do; wonderful resturaunts, theatre, museums, and depending on where you live you are less than an hour from the ocean and great seafood!! If you can get over being hot and sweaty for about 6-8 months of the year, you will find it to be place for a lot of excitement. And by the way, we don't have anymore traffic or accidents than any other major city. Take a look!
    I did some clinicals at LBJ and like Kellie said, it is a county hospital, so you will have a lot of challenging cases and will get to brush up on your spanish. The ER is always hopping and the clinics do stay busy. It is busy place to work, but with the advantages of living in a major city you will have some great experiences.
    Good luck!
  2. by   KyRNBSN
    Seeing that I have lived near both Lexington and Houston the choice for myself would be easy but I'll try to help you make the decision that is best for you.

    Houston is a larger city, lots of neat things to do.. but also lots of crime and the likes.. As far as Trauma, you would probably see crime related trauma in Houson.

    Lexington is a mid sized college town with many things to do and Keeneland is just opening for the season (Horse races) It's not even half the size of Houston but has its fair share of excitement.
    Being the largest city south of Cincinatti and East of Lousiville, there are lots of Transfers from the smaller surrounding communities which are less capable of handling the larger scale trauma's. I have a friend that works FT in the ER there and although its been a year since I spoke with her, she loves her job.

    As far as cost of living. It's a little cheaper to live in Kentucky than Houston but as far as staff nursing, the pay is very similar. Not sure what you were quoted for these assignments but Agency pays about $30 an hour in Lexington (more for ICU and specailty areas) Float pools pay anywhere from $20-25.

    There is a 6% state tax in Kentucky. Texas does not have a state Tax but has a higher sales Tax. But If you live in a state without a State Tax, you can file State Exempt in Kentucky and get more on your check.

    My choice would be easy.. Lexington ANYDAY over Houston.
    Its a busy town but rush hour lasts about 2 hours less than in Houston. (more like a 10 minute rush hour in Lexington)

    Hope this helps you make your decision.
    Oh one more thing.. The tempreture in KY is milder than Texas.. We are currently in the upper 20's (unseasonably) but have been in the 50-60's this past week. There's also great Trout Fishing here on many different rivers and lakes. not to mention Bass, catfish and walleye.

    Best of luck wherever you choose