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I started my new assignment today, the first 12 hour shift. What a nightmare. I absolutely hate it. It was supposed to be a general surgical floor and it is really a neuro/stroke unit. Quite a... Read More

  1. by   lorster
    I just completed week 5 and I have never had to float. The floor that I am on is short staffed to the point where we need floats. The staff has treated me like a regular staff member. I was even invited to a baby shower by staff. I agree, no matter how hard it gets, I will always smile and maintain a professional image to the other nurses. I have never once displayed a negative attitude. And I have found that if you just get through the hard times with a smile, and lighten up a bit, the shift goes smoother. The hardest part about it for me has been trying to figure out which doctor is which. And calling one of their doctors during the night, is the pits because I am not familiar and I'm always afraid that I will call the wrong doctor. It really is a perfect set up for me at this time and it has given me a chance to see my home hospital as maybe not so bad. I'm hoping to do some perdiem with my travel hospital after my contract is over. I'm not sure how that will work with the travel company I work for. Thanks for all your advice. This has been a good experience for me.