How to work locally, then national & benefits questions?

  1. I am an OR nurse who is considering travel nursing. I would like to be able to find a company who will let me work local, but have the option to go back to my home state during the summer with my kids and spouse and work there (8-12 weeks).

    How do I find someone who would be the best at doing this?? Also, do you have to work 40 hours/week to get benefits? At my current job, you only need to work 20 hrs, but the benefits are more pricey. Also, for travel nursing, is it expensive to add the family on for benefits??

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated!! Thank you!!

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  3. by   roxanneroxanne

    I have traveled with my husband for several years. We have private health insurance for him. The costs through the travel company plan were high for family, though free for me. Our private insurance is less than half the cost of adding him to my travel company plan. We have a health savings account medical plan which is quite reasonable for one person, and gives us a tax break on expenses.

    We travel home for the summers, and I do per diem or seasonal work in my home town. This summer I'm considering a travel assignment 50 miles from home, this is the minimum distance lots of hospitals will use for travel positions.

    It sounds like you are juggling lots of responsibilities, it's nice to have all the options nursing offers. Good luck in your ventures!

  4. by   LadyNASDAQ
    There are a number of agencies that have that travel,local agency option. I know that Nursefinders,Intellistaf and Supplemental all do that.