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  1. Both travel companies I've worked for (TNS and On Assignment) have provided housing with all the amenities (private, fully furnished, utilities, phone, and cable paid). Since it's just me traveling and I don't want to drag a bunch of stuff around, this is important to me. I just interviewed with Supplemental and find I'd have to do a lot of the housing stuff myself. They'll rent "big furniture" for me but I'd have to set up my own housing, though they have a list of landlords, and they don't supply kitchenware, dishes, or linens.

    I'm only thinking about changing companies because OA hasn't found me anything where I need to be this time, and I'd like to know who does do the corporate housing or extended-stay thing. TNS uses extended stay, but nice ones, and the weekly housekeeping was sure a bonus! OA does corporate apartments, also pretty nice. Who else does this?
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  3. by   maritimegirl
    I've been dealing with American Traveler and Cross Country Trav Corps. They both provide really nice housing...I'd check into American Traveler first, cause with them it's private housing everytime. Both companies have some pics of their housing on their websites.
    Hope this helps.