housing grumble

  1. I love the company I work for, but I'm tired of dealing with one different housing coordinator after another. I haven't had the same one twice even though I've stayed pretty much in the same area. Generally they find me something pretty nice and pretty close, but this time they didn't.

    I've accepted a contract with Inova Mt. Vernon. One of the attractions for me was that it's *below* the Beltway. I did enough Beltway when I worked in Alexandria, ugh! Well, today the housing coordinator (this is my 5th different one in as many assignments with this agency) called for my preferences. When she told me the name of the complex I immediately looked it up and found that it is not only not close to the hospital, it's not even in Alexandria, and is *above* the Beltway! Knowing the traffic as I do, I am aware that it would probably take me pretty close to 45 minutes to get to or from work at the times I'd be coming and going. I have e-mailed my recruiter and told her I refuse to live that far away and will not honor the contract if they even think of making me live there. I know there are places much closer and I'm insisting on one. Anybody ever done this?

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